The Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It  

Created by....
Elizabeth Bohorquez RN, SRN, C.Ht.
Originator of Interactive-Awareness & Interactive Self-Hypnosis



Understanding the epidemic of sugar addiction 
& why you might want to work with this program...

Looking back through my own life, I now know that I have always been addicted to sugar.  My favorite holiday was Halloween & I was the first kid on the block to trick or treat.  I remember sneaking food, especially sugar when I was no more than 4 years old.  I also remember not wanting to eat proteins & flushing them down the toilet.  This was also the beginning of my hiding & manipulating food-related behaviors.

 In those years these problems were not known as addictions & certainly the reasons for them were not addressed.   They were  labeled other things,  including being over-weight & pudgy, to being a compulsive-emotional eater.  I remember  always being hungry, weak & lightheaded & having to apologize for it.  I could never understand how anyone could stay on any diet long enough to lose weight, much less keep it off.  I did not know or understand the reasons why I had my problems & certainly could not possibly know or understand how to manage them.

Sugar addiction formed the basis for my disorderly eating & for the rest of the disorder in my life.  To be very honest, my entire life was truly disorderly, but I was not able or not willing to see it.  This disorder permeated & ruined a good portion of my life.  Even when things appeared to be going well, the disorder was always right there, taking away from the joy of the moments.  Some of my experiences were very physical, as I never felt truly well.  Other experiences were emotional, as I viewed myself & my failures with some level of dislike, even contempt.  

My self-image & self-esteem eroded through the years. Those close to me began to view me in this same way.  This disorder now became my accepted  "norm", locking me up in my wrongly-perceived permanent hell.  I found myself hiding my problems, both physical & emotional,  in some sad attempt to fool others, at the same time trying to convince myself that this was just the way it was for me.  It you were to have met me during those years, you would have seen a shell that demonstrated a very high level of self-confidence & success.  I masked my physical problems well & never talked about them. I fought through my "anxiety-attacks" & aches & pains by myself & with the help of the very foods & beverages that were making me sicker.  

About 15 years ago I fell upon some research that was to change my life.  It was just a small interview on television, but it intrigued me.  I had an intuition about this & began to research this in our medical library. I was fortunate to be in the medical-teaching field & to understand certain back-shelf research that now found it's way to my desk.   It appeared that I was doing just about everything wrong in the way I cared for myself.

 From this research I decided to design my own personalized care plan.  This involved understanding my food choices, my eating patterns, as well as the management of my body communications, emotions, thought & behavior patterns & a host of other things that would change my life profoundly. 

I came to understand the mysteries of  my addictive personality & through that understanding was able to let go of my years of failure, guilt & shame that surrounded my disorderly eating & quite honestly, my disorderly life.  As I looked around my life, disorder reigned & most interesting to me was my inability to recognize it.  While I knew I had problems, I simply could not see the mess underneath them.

I began by designing a personalized care plan for myself & thus began my journey.  I realized that many things needed changing, but instead of being over-whelmed, I was elated.  Much of this had to do with changing my food choices & eating patterns, but also finding new self-hypnotic ways to work with my body chemistry "in the moment", as well as old behaviors, habits, emotional & thought patterns.  I built in personal motivators that were available to me at all times & perhaps for the first time in my life I wasn't afraid of falling short or failing.  I knew that if I fell I would get up & go back into the care plan.

I then began to design personalized programs for my students, clients & patients.  Through this work & continued research my program entitled,    Sugar....The Hidden Eating Disorder & How to Lick It came to life.  The actual 312 page book is written to actively engage the reader in the power of interactive self-hypnotic suggestion.  So, it is also a self-development workbook, taking the reader through his or her own life experience & genetic history & into the future. 

The  Interactive Self-hypnotic CD or audio cassette programs with the book play a very  important part.  These programs are creatively designed to enhance the planting of new mind programs, to teach the empowering self-hypnotic techniques through original Interactive Self-Hypnosis, thereby assisting  the reader in growing beyond the problems of addictions into the power of goal-setting.  The individual comes to learn that the addiction is no longer a problem, but instead, a powerful catalyst for goal achievement in the many areas of life.

There are 3 CD or audio cassette programs.  Each CD is about 80 minutes & contains 3 or 4 separate self-hypnotic sessions. The audio cassette programs are about 50 minutes & contain two sessions per cassette.

 The focus of the first CD or cassette is High Level Nutrition as it applies to the sugar-addicted individual.  The second CD focus is heightened awareness. These programs focus on becoming aware of the mind-body connection between body sensations, thoughts & emotions.  This type of awareness is imperative for needed stress reduction & begins the release process needed to clear space for new mind programs. The third CD awakens the individual to the emotional and/or compulsive-self & presents new mind-programs for personal change.

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