Licking Sugar Addiction  Q & A   

  1.   How do I begin?

  2. How long does it take to detox from sugar?  I feel awful!

  3. How do I get rid of old mind programs?

  4. Can I change eating habits forever?

  5. How can I set up a livable plan?

  6. How do I build will-power in college?

  7. Do you mean I can eat & lose weight?

  8. How do I cope with all the problems surrounding sugar issues?

  9. Can someone please explain the capryllic  acid? How and why is it used? 

  10. How could you do the Caveman Diet for a month? !!

  11. How can I manage sugar addiction while  traveling?

  12. Why do I feel so fearful about managing  sugar?

  13. How does one stay committed to change ?

  14. What helps you stay away from sugar?

  15. Is sugar addiction connected to alcohol addiction?

  16. How do I manage around the holidays?

  17. Have there been  studies on sugar addiction?

  18. Can you help me unravel the mystery of protein & how much food my body needs?

  19. Can you help me get organized?

  20. How do I keep from being bored? I can't keep eating the same things & so I always fail at this.  Is there any hope for me?

  21. I have some questions about cravings.

  22. Can you help me get started?  I'm totally confused about what to do first & so I tend to do nothing.

  23. What do I do when I slip up? I've started dieting so many times & keep failing!

  24. How can I stay motivated?  I get bored so easily & so I can't stay on any program long enough to be successful.

  25. Why do I feel so bad when I eat sugar? My body aches all over & I feel like screaming & yelling.  Is this the addiction or what?

  26. Is there a connection between sugar addiction & bingeing?

  27. What is hyperinsulinemia & is this different from sugar addiction?

  28. How can I correct insulin resistance with self-hypnosis?

  29. What's reactive hypoglycemia & can it be cured?

  30. How do I start a lifestyle change program? 

  31. How can I use self-hypnosis to remember my health history?*

  32. How important were my teen years in the development of my sugar addiction & what if anything can I learn from them to help me now?

  33. How important were my childhood years in forming my behaviors around sugar addiction & what can I do to change the unhealthy ones that may be working against me now?

  34. I had terrible habits in my early adult years & wonder how they impacted on my current sugar addiction.  I rarely felt terrible then, but I do now!  Is there anything I can do?

  35. I do need to become more self-responsible, but don't know how to begin since my past habits are totally in control.  Can self-hypnosis help me to change?

  36. I can't remember what it feels like to be physically well?  I find this very frightening.  Part of me knows that I must have felt well once upon a time.  How can I learn to find that place so I can focus on those feelings for motivation?

  37. I have terrible anxiety & panic attacks.  Could this be connected to my sugar addiction & if so how can I ever get both of these things under control at the same time?  How does self-hypnosis play a part in this?

  38. My childhood was filled with stress & what I now know as abuse.  I believe my sugar addiction developed during that time.  How can I heal that & curb my addictions without being in therapy for the rest of my life?

  39. My teen years were filled with stress & this where I developed terrible eating habits.  How can I erase these?

  40. My early adult years were terrible.  Getting used to being married, having children, trying to balance career & all the rest certainly helped to build my addictions including sugar.  How do I escape these patterns so I can become healthy?

  41. I read on your website about regressing & doing a personal assessment of my past.  Please tell me more about why I would benefit from that & how it will help dealing with my terrible & out of control sugar addiction?

  42. I'm so confused about what I need to know & do first.  Could you explain this in alphabet fashion?

  43. Why is my family medical history so important in licking sugar addiction? 

  44. Why is my personal medical history so important?  What sorts of things do I want to look for & since they are past, how do they impact on what is going on now with my sugar addiction? 

  45. What does it mean to have a tendency towards something, especially sugar addiction?  Do you mean that certain diseases & conditions actually lead me to sugar addiction? 

  46. Why do I have to eat every four hours?  Won't I get fatter than I am with all those additional calories & doesn't fit into my lifestyle!!

  47. Why do I lose inches & not weight??  This is so frustrating!  I want to be happy, but I'm not because the scale numbers don't allow me! 

  48. Exactly what is self-hypnosis & how can I use this to manage my sugar addiction?  This is truly a mystery to me! 

  49. What's the difference between self-hypnosis & visualization & which one works best for managing my sugar addiction problems?

  50. I understand how to get organized as far as shopping, planning, etc., but how do I move out of procrastination & stay in the action?

  51. What's the best way to design hypnotic goals to lick sugar addiction?

  52. How does hypnosis work in managing addiction?

  53. I'd like to learn self-hypnosis to manage my sugar addiction?  Do I have to go to a hypnotherapist to do this or can I do it by myself?

  54. Is hypnosis dangerous in any way?  I am afraid of someone taking control of my mind & placing programs in there that I don't want.

  55. Is hypnosis alternative medicine & what actually happens when one does it?  Is there a possibility that I can get stuck in the trance & not get out?

  56. How can I go deeper into trance & is this the best way to manage my addictive personality?  Also, I tend to fall asleep when I practice hypnosis.  How can I program my mind if I am asleep?

  57. What is left to eat after all is said & done.  It seems that everything is bad for you, and now the sugar thing.  Could you please tell me what to eat?

  58. I'm a compulsive eater.  I know what to eat, but can't stop eating things that I shouldn't eat.  Is there any way to get this problem completely under control?

  59. I'm scared to death of withdrawal.  It was terrible with alcohol & smoking, & once I tried the sugar thing & it nearly killed me.  Do you have any suggestions?

  60. While I accept withdrawal symptoms,  I wonder if there is anything I can do to make it less painful or perhaps to speed it up.

  61. Is it possible for chocolate and/or sugar addiction  to cause chronic itching in the inner ear canals? 

  62. I've been following the 12 Step Program for managing my eating disorder, but I'm still over-weight & still desiring sugar.  Can you give me some insight into this?

  63. I've been following a diet for reactive hypoglycemia & not feeling very well.  This is how my day went.  What do you think?

  64. Why do compulsions happen & how can I release my compulsive tendencies without eating sugar?  

  65. I do have an eating disorder & have just come to admit it.  Now I'm more fearful than ever.  For years I fooled myself by saying "it can't be true."  What can I do to manage this feeling of being so scared?

  66. I keep remembering all my failures & the memories are so very strong that I can't help from crying as I write this.  How can I be so good at achieving other things in my life & so powerless when it comes to controlling this?

  67. It amazes me how just removing sugar and flour can have such a strong reaction to my brain as well as my body.  Could you comment on this?

  68. What can I eat for dessert & how to I keep from eating the whole package?

  69. I find myself experiencing compulsive behaviors, such as needing to stop & purchase unhealthy foods.  What is this & how do I stop it?  I'm filled with shame & guilt.


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